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 The Beauty Of It All

‘The Beauty Of it All’ follows on from the previously release I Haven’t Lived At All. It acts as a testament to the importance of living each day as it comes, leaving yourself open to new opportunities and rolling with the punches.
Drawing a link between starting to live and finding the hidden beauty in life, ‘The Beauty Of It All’ takes a lighter and braver dive into the world, although the theme found within I Haven’t Lived At All remains strong.

Today I released ‘The Beauty Of It All’ on Kindle (all be it with no warning and no previous promoting!- more on this in a different post)

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I swear you’re the fiercest calm I’ve been in.

Hi Guys!

Needless to say, blogging really has slipped off my radar. I wish I could give a legitimate reason for this, but the only explanation I have is ‘life,’ and I’m not sure that’s a very good reason. It’s not very often that I find myself sat in front of the computer, but be reassured that my pen and notebook are always by my side. A lot of writing has happened, most of which will probably never leave the pages of my notebook. However, I do have plans for some of it!

I’ve announced this over on Facebook, and I had the full intention of writing a blog post about this immediately afterwards, but my attention span failed me and I probably got lost in an episode of Game of Thrones, or something as equally unproductive.

I will be releasing a new version of “I Haven’t Lived At All.” There’s no solid back bone to it yet, other than the current version that is already released. I just wanted to explain why I feel this is something I want to do.

“I Haven’t Lived At All” was a massive learning curve for me. As a 20-something year old, I knew nothing about self-publishing and everything this entailed. For me, the first release was always going to be first and foremost an opportunity to learn. I was going to leave it at that, leaving it out in the world with no further intention than that. Over the past months I’ve found myself having a very torn opinion of my own book (which is, of course, natural.) I feel I wasted an opportunity to make something I could really be proud of. The idea of what I wanted to create is now a lot clearer in my head, and I feel I need to do this book justice.
So, what can you expect? I can’t tell you for certain! Just, more. Poems will leave the book, new ones will enter. Artwork will grace the pages and a more solidified, rounded version will be born. I’m going to take my time, I’m going to be patient and let everything fall into place organically. Nothing will be introduced to you all until I can honestly say “This is something I can be proud of.” Who knows how long that will take. I want this to not just be for the benefit of learning, but I want it to be something that you, the reader, can take something from.

There is a chance that I will be starting another Kickstarter campaign in the future to help fund this re-release, and your support would be sincerely appreciated. Please watch this space!

I really will try to be better with this blog, but if I go awol for another couple of weeks, someone just give me a nudge and tell me to stop being anti-social and come back to the blogosphere.

As always, “I Haven’t Lived At All” is currently available on Amazon and you can leave a review there and on Goodreads!


I’ve been quiet

Hi all!

I just thought it had been a while since I’ve made a new post, so here we go! I don’t have an awful lot to fill you all in on, if I’m honest I think any previous exhaustion I had been fighting off over the past few months (working full time AND starting a business to release a book, with no experience- phew) has finally caught up with me. I’ve been trying to remain active in between work, but you know when your brain just doesn’t co-operate? That’s kind of been happening, a lot. So to cut a long story short, I literally have no idea how I’ve spent the past few days.

For now, I’ve had to close submission for reviews as I have a bit of a waiting list. I am aiming at a book a week, but as this week has proved to me, it’s not always possible. I want to be able to give a thorough and honest review, not just one for the sake of it. Authors have spent time and money sending their work out to me, it’s only fair if I invest a good amount of time and attention into reading their work. Please accept this as an advanced apology for any delays that may occur!
(You can read my posted reviews here)

I do know that I have found myself excited at the prospect of creating another book (in the future, not any time soon- disclaimer!) Writing is the most enjoyable part of the entire process, it is why I’m doing this after all, and I honestly can’t wait until I’m back into the habit of writing organically (cliché.) Howeverdespite being completely battered and exhausted from the rest of the process; I really have enjoyed seeing, guiding and making a book happen. From the first scrappy ideas through to the finished product- I can already visualise the way I would like the front cover of the next book to be.
Perhaps one day I’ll learn to sit back and look at a finished product with pride, but that day isn’t today and all I can think about is how I can improve the entire process and get a better end result.

I know in the month of September I should have a couple of articles to share with you featuring myself and/or “I Haven’t Lived At All,” but for the time being I think I need to take a step back, get refreshed and then come back ready to push this book forward even more.
Sometimes, I have to remind myself why this book is a thing. It really started out as a test run for myself, to see if I could really make it happen. I also threw myself into it, straight after leaving University because I refused to let myself sit around and forget why it was I had chosen to leave in the first place. I had very little expectations, it really was purely for myself, and already reception has been above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. When I remember all of that, I realise that I’ve already achieved far more than I set out to do.
I keep saying this, but it really is only because of the support I’ve been shown. You being interested about this book, sharing it and talking to me about it just gives me more of a reason to carry on talking about it myself. Thank you seems a little weak, but that really is all I can say.

Wow, that went off on a tangent. Already my head feels a little clearer, like I’m ready to go make my next cup of coffee and finally get out of my pyjamas (got to love a bank holiday!)
I love you, blog. 

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