Help me bring a book to life- The Beauty Of It All


Preview of cover for “The Beauty of it All” © Jay Heath

Kickstarter Page

In 2013, I embarked on a mission to self-publish my first book of short stories and poetry; I Haven’t Lived At All. This was a learning curve for me, and it’s to my joy that I have received positive reviews!(You can take a look at Goodreads reviews here!)
This was only possible because of Kickstarter, and I hope this can help me again.

I played it safe, I was held back by fear and caution and I see it being so much more than what it already is. Now, I have new vision.

An anthology of poetry and art work, featuring favourites from I Haven’t Lived At All along with an array of artwork inspired by the poetry.

© Doodleheart Illustration

How is this book different?

Firstly, this book will now be strictly poetry- no short stories. I feel like this gives it a more of a ‘category’ and easier to follow.
Of course, it will have a new cover, new formatting, new poetry. Whilst I will still be including poetry from I Haven’t Lived At All, I can promise that this will be bigger and better.
The most exciting part for me is my aim to include art work inspiredby the poetry. I want this to be different and something myself and others can really be proud of. (And on this note, if you’re interested in contributing to this book- please drop me an

What will my money go towards?

During the process of self-publishing I Haven’t Lived At All, I discovered just how much I underestimated. This goes in hand with why I feel the book isn’t as good as it could have been, I cut a lot of corners in order to stick to a budget. This time, my aim is to rise more money and to not cut corners.
Your money will go towards (list includes but is not limited to);

– Formatting
– Editing
– Printing
– Artwork/Illustration
– Advertising/Marketing

With any left over funds, I would love to create prints of the artwork involved in the book and other forms of merchandise. I want this to be special.

Kickstarter Page


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