What we think we become.

Happy January!

I’ve got some time on my hands over the next few weeks, and already I think I’ve been overly optimistic on how much I can fit into this time. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of this, there’s just something about ‘free time’ that feels very uncomfortable and instead I see this as an opportunity to tick off a few things from my long neglected to-do list.

A few months ago I signed up to a home course in forensic science, so it’s about time I really cracked on with that. I do these home courses with no real plan to use them, but once I become interested in something I can’t help but jump at the chance to learn as much as I can. I’ve also signed up to Open University in order to finish my degree. Writing remains my priority, and it always will, but my love to learn remains strong and I’m sure it can only improve my writing; knowledge is power, right?

I feel like during 2014 I really let reading slip to the side, which actually makes me very sad in retrospect because there’s nothing I love more than discovering a new world I can dive into. In order to rectify this, I’ve already dedicated a shelf to my ever-growing pile of books that I’m yet to read. Which is where I need your help! I want to know what books you love, books that changed your life, inspired you, made you laugh or made you cry.
As I have some spare time on my hands, you can expect some posts about my personal favourite books.


– E x



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