6 days until release!!

Wow, 6 days until “I Haven’t Lived At All” is officially released, until I can officially drop into conversation “oh yeah I’ve released a book,” and for that sentence to be true. That’s pretty crazy, right?
I realised earlier that a few weeks ago I began Vlogs…and then I think after filming two of them, I sort of just stopped. This was mostly due to lack of time; working full-time and then returning home to bad lighting/feeling like I just wanted to get straight into my pyjamas was too strong of an urge to resist. However, I DO have a week off work next week, so I’ll be posting a couple of videos then (and hopefully I can get a couple of friends to help me out with this.)

I’m just thinking out loud really, sorry. 
As the release date gets closer, I feel my need for caffeine rocketing up. I’m hoping this means that I’ve planned the release date well, and this is when it’s SUPPOSED to be released. I also hope this means that I allow myself a day or two to just sit back and (attempt to) relax and try to feel good about the fact that my book is out there etc.
I’m kind of excited about being able to look at back at this in a few months and to see how far (if at all) things have come, being able to take my focus back on to writing and perhaps feeling a little less terrified of this entire process.

I currently only have 5 copies left ready to send out in time for the release date, so if you want yours by 14th August place your order now!
After these 5 have gone, they will still be available for purchase but there will be a slight delay as I wait for more to be printed.
Look out for a complete list of places you can buy the book, this will be posted on the 14th!

In the mean time, head over to my BigCartel order store and place your order now.

Evelyn Knightley Store

I also just wanted to share a photograph with you, this was taken by the incredibly talented Roxanne Elizabeth Photography for a magazine article that will be coming out soon.


Just to re-iterate-

6 DAYS!!
Pre-order now 🙂 


p.s 4 days left to enter my giveaway!



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