The Beat

Happy Saturday Folks!

Anybody else UK based sick of the cold weather we’re experiencing? I’m huddled up in a blanket, blasting myself with a hair dryer in a bid to experience warmth.
Now I’ve got that grumble out of the way, on to an announcement!

As some of you may have seen, I’ve been working on getting some posters and postcards designed to go on sale in my store, both individually and as part of a gift package. Well, thanks to the incredibly talented Doodleheart Illustration, they’re now up in the store and available for pre-order! Be sure to check out her facebook page and give it a like; I was a little bit determined to have her work on these pieces as I’m a huge fan of her artwork, so I’m incredibly grateful to have her talent involved with the release of this book- so thank you!

Available to order here

Available to order here

What do we think? I personally cannot wait to have my own copies stuck up on to my wall!

Be sure to check out my other pages too!

Pledgers, if you’ve received your copy of the book, let me know (and let me know what you think too!)

– E


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