005. Solace

A few years ago, I participated in a ‘Writing Challenge,’ in which you are given a different topic or key word every day for 100 days, and with that you can write whatever you wish.
Unfortunately, I have no idea where that challenge would be in the vastness of the internet, but this my entry for day 5.
(This may have inspired a story in my book…maybe. Perhaps.)


A wall stands in front of you, so tall you cannot see the top. It appears to reach the sky. You’re hopelessly stuck, there’s no moving forward. You touch it to make sure it’s real, and beneath your finger tips you feel ice cold brick work. Tracing your fingers along, you feel each imperfection as it leaves delicate scratches.

You can hear sounds from the other side, so you suspect the bricks aren’t quite as large as they appear. You begin to listen intensely; each movement from beyond is subtle, yet it touches your heart. From your side of the wall, there is nothing but bitter silence. Occasionally this is interrupted by a stifled scream, but mostly there is silence. On the other side, through the wall, you can hear the breeze dancing with the leaves. The chirping of birds float around like laughter and a waterfall trickles nearby.

You continue to stand in the same place as days, months, years pass by. Each day you trace the wall to see if there’s any change in markings. Soon enough, you become fully acquainted with the quirks of each brick within reach; soon enough, the bricks become the foundation of your own isolated home. Still, you listen to the other side and you are tormented by what is out of reach.

Time continues to pass, and you’re tired of the bricks scratching you; never failing to scratch you in the same way, in the same order and at the same time. The bricks are blocking your escape, and this is the biggest way they can hurt you. You begin to wonder how long they will be there, and you doubt if they will ever go away. You continue with your routine regardless, and the bricks continue in their duty.

The birds, and the breeze, and the trees. They’re still there. You need to find them. You need to find out how.


3 thoughts on “005. Solace

      • You’re welcome! I found it through StumbleUpon which is a great way to find interesting little things on the Internet. I can’t seem to get in the right mindset for it though because I can’t stop myself from thinking too much lol.

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