Exciting packages, Kickstarter and Book Reviews.


My new business cards and pen arrived today! I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be as excited about this as I actually am; it’s the simple pleasures in life. Is it one step too far if I go ahead and get my own t-shirt to wear all the time?!

In other news, my kickstarter project ends in 24 hours. Thankfully I’m over my target (by 7%) so I don’t have to spend the day next in an anxious state, but it does mean there’s still time left to pledge! Don’t forget to look at the rewards list and select a reward option.


As things will soon be moving forward with I Haven’t Lived At All, I’m now looking for different avenues I can use to get the word of the book out, and I’d like to start by finding some book reviewers. Anybody reviewing the book would receive a copy for free and before it’s release date.
If you’re interested in this, leave me a comment with your website details or send an email to: contact@evelynknightley.co.uk 

– E


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