Pre-Order now available!!

Pre-order for Paperback and Hardback copies is now available!

As you can see, there are 2 gift package selections that aren’t available just yet- but I wanted to add them there just so you all know they will be available at some point!
(heck, if you want me to make these available now- let me know! I just can’t guarantee what images or quotes will be used just yet.)
Please do spread the word and share the link to this store!

Kickstarter Pledgers- if you pledged and you’re not sure if a copy of the book was included in your reward selection, send me a message and I can take a look and let you know 🙂

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Release Date


Yes, I am here with a release date for “I Haven’t Lived At All,” this is terrifying and exciting and so many other things.

Release Date:
Wednesday 14th August

I’m working on getting pre orders available soon!
There’s still time to vote in my facebook poll. 

Don’t forget, as soon as I hit 200 likes on my facebook page I’ll be launching a giveaway!

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Constellation Publishing, Preorder and Giveaway.


I had planned on recording a video update, but as it happens my ability to form spoken sentences has completely left me and instead I find myself staring off into space for about 15 minutes. I’ve had a pretty manic couple of days; so I thought now was a good time to fill you in on what I’ve been up to!

As the title of this post suggests, I have now formed and registered my own publishing company- Constellation Publishing Limited. The main reason for this is so I can obtain my own ISBN codes (the little barcode numbers I need to put the book on amazon and in bookstores!) By doing this, I’ve taken the slightly complicated route, but in the long run I think it will be more beneficial in terms of distributing the book. For the mean time, it really is just the blanket company under which I’ll be publishing my book, but who knows what I might do with it in the future!
A lot of what I’ve done seems to be the behind the scenes stuff that I’ve been waiting for a while to do; all delightfully…business like and responsibility fuelled. *shudders*

I have literally just sent my manuscript off for it’s first lot of copy editing and proofreading. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll have my finished copy and ISBN numbers, so it’ll just be the cover to finish before sending off for the proof copy.
I’ve been investigating more into preorder packages, the poll for that is still up and running so please do head over to my facebook page and vote!
Hopefully I can start designing a few things in the not too distant future, I’m so eager to get everything going now the business side is all coming together, and any suggestions would be a massive help!

Speaking of facebook, how would you like the chance to win a free copy of my book? Well, as soon as my facebook page hits 200 likes I’ll be launching giveaway- so please do spread the word of my facebook, like it and just come on over for a chat 🙂

I also have a rough release date in mind, but I’ll keep that to myself…for now 🙂

– E

005. Solace

A few years ago, I participated in a ‘Writing Challenge,’ in which you are given a different topic or key word every day for 100 days, and with that you can write whatever you wish.
Unfortunately, I have no idea where that challenge would be in the vastness of the internet, but this my entry for day 5.
(This may have inspired a story in my book…maybe. Perhaps.)


A wall stands in front of you, so tall you cannot see the top. It appears to reach the sky. You’re hopelessly stuck, there’s no moving forward. You touch it to make sure it’s real, and beneath your finger tips you feel ice cold brick work. Tracing your fingers along, you feel each imperfection as it leaves delicate scratches.

You can hear sounds from the other side, so you suspect the bricks aren’t quite as large as they appear. You begin to listen intensely; each movement from beyond is subtle, yet it touches your heart. From your side of the wall, there is nothing but bitter silence. Occasionally this is interrupted by a stifled scream, but mostly there is silence. On the other side, through the wall, you can hear the breeze dancing with the leaves. The chirping of birds float around like laughter and a waterfall trickles nearby.

You continue to stand in the same place as days, months, years pass by. Each day you trace the wall to see if there’s any change in markings. Soon enough, you become fully acquainted with the quirks of each brick within reach; soon enough, the bricks become the foundation of your own isolated home. Still, you listen to the other side and you are tormented by what is out of reach.

Time continues to pass, and you’re tired of the bricks scratching you; never failing to scratch you in the same way, in the same order and at the same time. The bricks are blocking your escape, and this is the biggest way they can hurt you. You begin to wonder how long they will be there, and you doubt if they will ever go away. You continue with your routine regardless, and the bricks continue in their duty.

The birds, and the breeze, and the trees. They’re still there. You need to find them. You need to find out how.

Gift packages- I need your input!


The badge fairy turned up at my door yesterday, I’m wearing mine with pride!
(In this case, the badge fairy is Yasmin Matthews)
I’m not too sure what I’m doing with them yet, but just out of interest, who would want one?

I’m working on building some special packages to go alongside the release of my book, but in order to do this I need your input!
I have a poll going on over on facebook, please take a look and vote. (And while you’re there, feel free to like my page too!)
Alternatively, just let me know what kind of things you’d like to see in the comments below; handwritten framed poems, postcards, posters, hardback books, mugs, t-shirts etc. Use your imagination, all suggestions are welcome!!

I’m still looking for a few more book reviewers, so if you’re interested in reviewing this book before it’s release please send me an email to
Please include details of your website and if you would prefer to receive a pdf copy or paperback copy (UK only)

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