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It’s Not

It’s Not

It’s not that I want to see you burn
and it’s not that I would harm you,
but if I were to see you on the floor
crying out for mercy-
I would turn the other way.

It’s not that I hate you
and it’s not that I think of you,
but if you were to crawl to my feet
crying to be saved-
I would turn the other way.

It’s not that I hold any ill feelings
and it’s not that I have erased you,
but when I cried into your arms
and begged you not to leave me-
You turned the other way.

Disconnected (An Excerpt)

A boat gently nudged against the shore, rhythmically mimicking the movement of the ocean beneath it. The waves licked the damaged oars that had been carelessly left hanging over the rim of the aged (and somewhat neglected) boat. The sun had fallen behind the edge of the ocean many hours ago, and in it’s place a dark blanket veiled over the sky. The air was still and the surrounding land gave no signs that life could be found within it’s body. The only hint of an outside world came from the faint glow of the stars far off in the distance, any source of light had been scared away by motionless clouds that lay above the vastness of trees and mountains. It was like another world, they said, a place so disconnected from reality; yet more aware of the essence of life than they had ever known. That is why they searched for it, or so they say, they were not in search of a better life, nor a richer one; they were simply searching for a life that they could claim as their own.

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