Evelyn is a young writer and poet, based in Oxford, UK. Her debut anthology ‘I Haven’t Lived At All’ is out now!.


‘I Haven’t Lived At All’  is a collection of Poetry and Short Stories about what it means to survive, but never really live; it’s simply about ‘being’ in whichever way you choose to, or whatever way you have to.

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☆ The Beauty Of It All- Out on Kindle NOW ☆


 The Beauty Of It All

‘The Beauty Of it All’ follows on from the previously release I Haven’t Lived At All. It acts as a testament to the importance of living each day as it comes, leaving yourself open to new opportunities and rolling with the punches.
Drawing a link between starting to live and finding the hidden beauty in life, ‘The Beauty Of It All’ takes a lighter and braver dive into the world, although the theme found within I Haven’t Lived At All remains strong.

Today I released ‘The Beauty Of It All’ on Kindle (all be it with no warning and no previous promoting!- more on this in a different post)

Please do take a look, give it a try and don’t forget to leave a review. Help me spread the word!

You can check out the preview of this book over on www.evelynknightley.com

Available on Amazon

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